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Posts from ‘September, 2010’

does anyone know where I can download the two episodes of the radio play “Greenmantle”? -?

I did a silly thing!!! Some months ago I downloaded a radio play of the John Buchan story called “Greenmantle”.
Yesterday I listened to it on my CD play, and found to my horror that the play is in two …

can any body correct my grammer please cuz im weak in englisg pleaseeeeeeee/?

Annie, directed by Ms Megan dollar, is a wonderful play about eleven year old little orphan girl in the New York during depression era. In this play characteristics were obsessed with vicious, integrity, simplicity and deception. It was a nice …

Your Top 10 Com Drama/ Sitcoms?

I am pretty sure we enjoy more than 10 but whats yours?

My list :

1) Its always sunny in Philadelphia
2) Free Radio
3) 30 Rock
4) Royal Air Farce ( Canadian )
5) Weed
6) How I met …

Amazing, but nothing has changed?

Found an audio book at the library on old radio comedy shows. So far I have listened to some Red Skelton from 1948-49 time frame. It’s still funny, and except for the different names you’d swear their material was from …

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