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Posts from ‘October, 2014’

Dimension X CHILD’S PLAY Episode – Sci-Fi Old Time Radio!

Dimension X was the first Sci-Fi anthology series to utilize published stories from established science fiction authors (2000 Plus drew its material from sto…

Hollywood Star Playhouse 10TH PLANET Episode – Thrilling Old Time Radio Episode!

From 1950 to 1953, Hollywood Star Playhouse has aired suspenseful dramas which starred big names in Hollywood. In its three years, it was able to bring theat…

SUSPENSE Three Skeleton Key Old Time Radio Episode – Vincent Price!

Imagine a lonely lighthouse… a shipwreck..

The Shadow – Over 8 Hours of The Shadow Radio Show OTR – Old Time Radio – Play All Day or Night

The Shadow – The Shadow Radio Show Classic OTR – Old Time Radio Season One – Who Knows What Evil Lurks In the Heart Of Men? THE SHADOW KNOWS!

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