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Posts from ‘August, 2010’

Should the government or Area 51 expose the truth to us about what has really been going on?

Area 51 is situated in the southwestern portion of Lincoln County in southern Nevada in the western United States. A large military airfield is situated at its center. This center is known as the most secretive places in the world. …

anxiety to psychotic episode to idk what?

This is about an 18 year old male, who in good health is 100 lbs.

-born premature
-gets B12 shots every month, because of necrotizing entercolitis
-oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth and a growth on his tongue; …

Do you think I have a chance with getting into Emerson College?

Hey, I’m currently a junior in high school and I’m wondering if i have what it takes to get into Emerson College in Boston? which has always been my dream school. Well my high school GPA right now is about …

Can you remember the old radio serials b4 TV in Australia?

When a girl marries…chapter 2546 for all those in love and for all those that can remember
Hagan’s Circus
Yes Sir….with Greenbottle always upsetting the class
Blue Hills by Gwen Meredith went on for a very long time, sometimes even …

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