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Can you remember the old radio serials b4 TV in Australia?

When a girl marries…chapter 2546 for all those in love and for all those that can remember
Hagan’s Circus
Yes Sir….with Greenbottle always upsetting the class
Blue Hills by Gwen Meredith went on for a very long time, sometimes even the shearing lunch hour was put back so as not to miss any episode, lol.
Perhaps the National Museum in Canberra may have some recordings

Asked by:dave


  1. djene says:

    No, I’m not that old. I grew up in the 60′s with black & white tv.
    My dad always said they were more entertaining than tv though.

  2. chorle says:

    many of them should be available as podcast but I am not finding them I bet someone in the forums at Audio Drama Talk would know a link.

    I listen to many of the US OTR and multi national cast in modern audio drama much of which is also podcasted

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