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Do You Think If Anyone Said Anything About IMUS’s Obese 11 Year Old Potty Mouthed Son, IMUS Would Care?

The big deal is that Imus degrades minorities and women all the time.

The women on the basket ball team were Valedictorian’s in their class, musical prodigies, and a future Doctor, one was even a Girl Scout! Let alone all were superior athletes!

If Imus was black and said a remark against a white woman’s basketball team by calling them Red Bushed C’s would that be any different?

Imus is jealous because his 11 year old obese, potty mouthed son will never be an athlete! His son is a chip off the old block!

Imus should be punished by being fired! See how he likes the struggle. No one buy any of Imus’s products!

Imus isn’t the most popular radio talk-show host — the trade publication Talkers ranks him the 14th-most influential — but his audience is heavy on the political and media elite that advertisers pay a premium to reach. Authors, journalists and politicians are frequent guests — and targets for insults.

He has urged critics to recognize that his show is a comedy that spreads insults broadly. Imus or his cast have called Colin Powell a “weasel,” New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson a “fat sissy,” referred to Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado, an American Indian, as “the guy from `F Troop,’” and to Gwen Ifill, a black journalist, as “the cleaning lady.” He and his colleagues also called the New York Knicks a group of “chest-thumping pimps.”

On his show Monday, Imus called himself “a good person” who made a bad mistake.

Now, we’ll all have to suffer the next 2 months listening to “The Imus I’m Sorry Tour”!

Imus finally grew his thingy long enough to stick it in his mouth and now he’s choking on it.

NO ONE’S ON TRIAL HERE EXCEPT IMUS! He made his bed now let him sleep in it!


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  1. skcs11 says:

    I dont think so

  2. piscesgurl310 says:

    I agree. People keep downing playing the nappy headed part of his comments. But don’t realize that he called the whole basket ball team “nappy headed hoes” even though the whole basketball team is not black and the team is not filled with a bunch of hoes.

  3. Lisa says:

    I don’t like Imus, period. I listened to him a few years ago, and I’m like, this guy is so bitter, who would WANT to listen to him?? I’m still asking myself that…

  4. svictor24 says:

    I f**king totally agree with you. I’m tired of these motherlovers thinking it’s ok for him to get away with that. A lot of these people asking and answering these questions are on his side and ****** and it really bothers me.

  5. stephen k says:

    Imus never was that good, but he pulls in a demographic that advertisers love

  6. Ben A says:

    Imus is a ****** punk that thinks he can blab about anyone without getting into trouble. He deserves to be canned!

  7. chitchat says:

    Give him a beak .He apologized.His career shouldn’t be destroyed because people can’t forgive or forget.Hasn’t the Rev. Sharpton made blunders some would construe as hurtful to other religions and ethnic groups too?

  8. SA Writer says:

    Let those among us who have never uttered a ****** or sexist comment be first to call for Imus’ firing.

    How does attacking his son ameliorate his mistake?

  9. Jesse V says:

    If they were to fire Imus for his many remarks that are off color, then they would also need to proceed with firing Howard Stern, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, Adam Carolla, and many other comedians that play host and make off color remarks. Larry King would also qualify for a firing in this category as well!

  10. jooker says:

    If I could only give you a valium online……………

    Get a life!

  11. CHARLES R says:

    Like John Thompson when he coached Georgetown saying he would never give a white kid a scholarship.Works both ways my friend.

  12. dstanley66 says:

    if they fired imus, sharpton an a lot of others should also be fired

  13. lightwriter says:

    Well in your zeal to make a point about Imus you have insulted and demeaned an eleven year old child ,who is NOT responsible for what his father said.
    You have now put yourself on Imus’s level.
    Except for one thing he apologized.
    How about you and Imus leave the children alone.

  14. pavano_carl says:

    Imus is just a stupid fool- I know almost nobody who listens to him, and the few I do are idiots.

    All the same though I have some trouble and difficulty siding with the likes of Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson, anti semitic ,theatrical hypocrits that are starved for attention.

  15. irishzeby says:

    Don’t agree..and if he was smart he would stop apoligizing! I found his humor and statements offensive over the years just as I find other radio hosts, TV shows, Rapper’s etc…so I don’t LISTEN nor purchase their garbage! I have the FREEDOM to CHOSE what I want to read, listen and watch. MSNBC and CBC gave into the biggest racist’s of all times, Rev Sharpton and and Rev Jackson! How do these two call themselves Reverends? They foster hatred and not LOVE!

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