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does anyone know of a FM or AM radio station whose format is nothing but old time radio like The shadow etc?

I live in louisiana [nothern], and am seeking a radio station that plays nothing but old time radio like the shadow , suppense, comedy etc

Asked by:gat


  1. radioboyalan says:

    It is quite possible that you may have to go online and find
    an Internet station to find one that plays that format.

    It’s too tough to sell to advertisers for most commercial broadcasters.

    There are some old-time radio stations here:

    Under Find stations that play: or the format search, look for Old Time Radio.

  2. It's That Guy says:

    There used to be a station like that here in the San Francisco area, but that was like 20 years ago. Today I doubt there are any in the country on AM or FM.

    There is a station (maybe several) on satellite radio. There are several channels on the Internet. In fact there’s a huge amount of OTR (Old Time Radio) available on the Internet, either streaming or download. There are groups you can join that share OTR through the mail, like OTR Distro Group or OTree. They distribute whole serieses, hundreds of episodes at a time.

    But on the radio not so much. Radio is really dying in the US. People think of it as background music for parties or something to listen to in the car. Every station wants to go for the one or two big markets, so there’s no diversity. There is just no money to be made in an all-OTR station.

  3. Duh says:

    Not over the air, only online. But the good news is they’re readily available.
    I prefer iTunes, Windows Media Player or AOL because they are big companies that are not going to clutter up your computer (well, with the possible exception of AOL). They are all free and all offer an astounding array of choices.

    The following sites will have live broadcasts or allow you to set up a custom station to your taste (below are download sites for internet players with lots of stations):
    ………=…………………… (last 7 days major stations) (subscription only)

    Good luck, good listening from a guy named duh!

  4. Blue says:

    Itunes has that, i havent heard a whole station dedicated to it not online or via sat. ever. There are shows here and there, try your local jazz / golden stations late at night, you can check their websites to see what showsthey offer.

  5. Disgracedale NA II says:

    Terrestrial radio is dead. Get Sirius satellite radio. Channel 118 is nothing but old radio shows.

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