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movie’s & military fire power & Voices like gunny from the history channel.would you use him?

like unto the new S:S;B song i had given the school age kids in the Education category:Star spangled Banner spelled out.imagine if you could add in the Ex Drill instuctor voices of gunny from the History Channel and the guy from Mr:Steven Segal movie.Dangerous Ground where the Ex Marine had to defend the oil rigg deep in Eskimoe territory Alaska.i had been known to talk in this voice myself from time to time:example when they have a War Lord Whom only speaks and understands the lingo of the Gun they send these Fuy’s and gal’s in too train the troop’s.(my god man this is the new Navy with high tec huge Rotary barrels & computer sequenced fireing of each battle ship’s multitude of gun’s) you could drop these guy’s and gal’s off at the artic circle and they would show up with a brand new set of Battle ship toy’s and send you the star spangled banner with a cherry attatched.good god allmighty don’t you hear those round impacting the ground singing Rocketts red glare bomb’s bursting in air:(Why) that’s a sound straight out of the land of milk and honey.with this much artillery fire it is enough to make a full grown devil run for cover.let’s get too high ground where the smart guy’s live and stay alive.and watch this from way up high.if i could i would hire one or both of these and make a kick **** modern Rock video with actual impact clips borrowed from old war movies and live fire demo’s the royalties help buy the kids school supplies and swells their chest and our sailors and soldiers chest with pride.we have apon this land mass alone thousands of those marines with children in school whom could not afford school supplies and these were once very goo with a battle ship’s gun’s. tell the Royal navy guy’s they can go back unto the Scottish kilt’s for now till i need them too become a pair of Britches again standing apon the deck of our fine naval ship’s.sme are old enough too remember when we called them this(britches) drafeted on our way too the blockade sewn into the star spangled banners star field. the other two sides are blocked only one path exist toward the back side of the stars and stripes.this was around 1942 just before the battle at battle ship row.yet the other would make a nice comedy skitt from two very well known field commander’s military style voices.mixed in with the Rock video version.and school attorney’s see that the kids and their school’s recieve the royalty payements for the muzik or music.spelled both U;K and U:S way’s or methods.good luck.i hope i get too steal mcKenzies Canadian side of the Royal military. here in the (K)U:S;A the Enemy still snatches our citizens while my Royal military is trying too authenticate my kingship peddigree.both U;K and canada sit quiet as if dead in the water.just because we help the U:S do’nt mean we have quit you here apon this soil.note it’s radio station must use the K call sign.we were allowed too have atleast two versions of the U:S;A.
good luck school kids make it rock.do it both ways old and new.make some use of my royal marines whom still wear the hat that looks like a big Duck step’d apon his or her head.they know how too make each gun sing in harmony with the music.we have both girl’s and guy’s now.so i must account for both in the text.i have a son myself whom would bennifit.thus wises ov good luck is Naval tradition.i like the Fayetteville Seven hill’s homeless shelter Navy calender yet it is suppose to have neptunes U;S anchour in between the word Navy and the U:S letter’s is it not?.naval men.kilt’s = Bell Bottom style Britches await you all.

Asked by:Dukei


  1. Piltdown Man says:

    Wow! Yes, I would use him!

  2. Slasher says:

    your ****!!

  3. g6ypk says:

    Indeed, yes I would.

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