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Drama Advice – did i do the right thing?

Is This friend trying to embarrass me and make me look bad on purpose?

I met a girl through a mutual friend. She has a boyfriend and I don’t. She is constantly seeking attention from other guys. There is this one guy I like and she told him I liked him. It was really embarrassing because I do like the guy but didn’t want him to know. As soon as I told her she made a Bline to get his attention. More so even though she had a boyfriend she began to text the guy

A week earlier she kept telling waiters at a restaurant I liked them and I was really embarrassed. I played it off like Yeah.. I think you are jinjja kyopta (really cute) but inside I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I am a outgoing person and if I like someone I tell them on my own time. I never liked that waiter guy at all but now I can’t go back there cause I’m really embarrassed.

A couple situations came up even before then. I met a guy and we talked intimately. I met him with her and we went out. She gave him her number even though she had a boyfriend and agreed to meet him for lunch. Never once did she think meeting this guy who was intimate with me and 10 years older than her was wrong. The only thing she kept saying was how childish I was for being upset because it was platonic. I tried to explain to her that friends dont offer their friends romantic interests numbers or agree to platonic lunches without their friends.

She didnt get it. THerefore when i confronted the guy we argued and it was chaos.

When we were at our mutual friends house and she asked this person to bring a karaoke machine to a party. When I said it she immediately changed her mind like It was my idea in the first place. I was hurt.. so I told her to stop calling me out like that. I didnt get into it but she didn’t say anything after that.

More so I we all work were going to work together. I want to get along with her but she keeps putting me in predicaments where its more work for me or I have to put out more money in or more time. I wrote three articles that were suppose to be hers and now her actions and **** talking have jeopardize my job and I was fired.

The person who wanted to put the site together for us wanted someone to design it for free. I found someone that happened to work with my friend on a radio show. When she was upset with him she lied to the boss person about him. Saying he was in legal trouble when he wasnt. I told her to not say anything because it would put the magazine at risk and set us back. She didnt listen and therefore he was let go. We were then in a predictament because no one would work joomla coding for free and she was only temporary mad at this guy. More so that she became friends with him again and worked for him even though she **** talked about him and got him thrown off a project that was mutual benefically to all of us.

She made me look like a total fool for recommending him and he never knew it was her that got him thrown off?

More so during a party she wanted me to look at her friends site to recommend him. I didnt want to be the person to recommend someone new just in case if it ended badly. I looked at the sites and found that they had no java or joomla. I said we can talk about it later and she began to CRY. Now mind you shes filipina and 5’1.. Im not. So anytimes she cries people run to her like this poor thing is crying..

Its ridiculously disconcerning.

The design now was a highschool version of wordpress and looks aweful and I dont want my name apart of it. Seriously I wish I never left my other position blogging at NINGIN for this drama..

So One minute shes laughing then crying hysterically then laughing again. More so she put me in a predicament where it looked like I made her cry.

SO in the end I was fired and im not friends with her. But should I seen it comming?

Was this person trying to sabotage my relationships or take my place?

I brought her into my friendship fold because I wanted to help her. I introduced her and her radio family into getting press access. I gave without expecting anything in return except true friendship.

There is more.

I had an engagement i needed to attend but instead I accompanied a another coworker to a redcarpet event so she could get stuff for her byline. This friend could have accompanied my coworker.. but she said she had a fever and was exhausted. I learned that she left new york to go stay over my friends house.. they went to the movies and had a bbq.. while I was stuck doing double duty in the city.

Also that coworker choked when it came to interviewing the artists. I wouldnt ask one question for Its not my byline. I am all for teamwork but I will not do work and not get paid or a byline. The coworker told the boss that I didnt help her. I stayed out to 9 am and was late for my own things becaus eof her.

Not once but two days in a row. The first day I had a jrock concert to attend. Couldnt do that because she wanted to watch t

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  1. Jorge says:

    ok wow….well the first ***** what i would have done is beat her as if she did anything to me like that. That was very sweet of you to help her out and in return she just went and tried to take your job like that. I would have told her you know what I f*ckin helped your as get a f*ckin job and this is how you repay me b*tch. and then tell her if you do something else to **** of the boss or get me fired i am going to beat that little as of yours. Oh and your other coworker is a little b*tch(sorry) but he should have helped you espacialy when you didn’t have to help. next time when he needs help tell him the same thing oh Im kinda sick and so sleepy i just can’t. well sorry that you lost your job cause of her. bye

  2. Vampire Girl says:

    Yes,it sounds like it.Just confront her and cut off the mutual friendship.
    I hope that I helped you out.I wish you the best luck.

  3. ruijei613 says:

    Sounds like you need to find new friends and stop being in these predicaments when you clearly don’t need to be in. If you find someone you don’t get along with just stay away from them rather then try to appease them and getting yourself into a whole lot of trouble.

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