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Help finding a kind of old Chinese drama movie. I remember little?

I am looking for a Chinese drama movie I saw a long long (years) time ago.

All I remember, is there is this young girl, who works at a poor school somewhere in China, (out on the country or something).

And one boy goes missing into the city/town and she goes to look for him, but she can’t find him. She sleeps outside for a few nights and stands outside of a local radio/tv gate for a few days but the guard won’t let her in.

At the end of the movie she ends up on TV or something reading a letter she wrote for this little boy, hoping that he will see /hear it, she’s kind of crying. And at the end I guess he returns to her or something.

Please, if anyone know what movie I’m talking about, please, please help me!

Asked by:Su

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  1. nervous rose says:

    Oh I loved this movie! It’s Not One Less.

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