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Old time radio episode question?

does anyone remember the name of this one episode that i heard on “Old Time Radio” late at night with my father.

so basically, and i dont remember the specifics, there is this guy who somehow ends up living in a department store with this secret group of people who also live in the department store, and i guess if you make these people mad, they will turn you into a mannequin? and the story is kind of told from the perspective of the man’s diary that this woman found while out shopping and in the end she realizes that these mannequins she saw were the man and this other woman.

does this sound familiar to anyone? it was on one of those suspense shows, called “escape” or something.

if anyone knows the name of this program i would be incredibly stoked.


Asked by:Ellyn R


  1. TOM CAT says:

    I dont know but it reminds me of a “Twilight Zone” episode where each month one of the department store manequins comes to life and lives in the outside world.
    I always thought it might have been the inspiration for Kraftwerks “Showroom Dummies”.

  2. Mr. Morbid says:

    There was an Old Time Radio Program called “Suspense!”. I don’t know for certain if this is the one you are looking for, but it’s my best guess…

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