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what was that one Japanese translated show on cartoon network with fighter jets that transformed into robots?

I don’t remember much from the plot but the main human character was training on a fighter jet when the base was under attack by enemies. He was unaware that the jet turned into a fighting robot until the main base instructed him to pull a lever or something. He was able to fight back by the instructions from the control tower through the radio by a woman – that was like one of the first episodes. Then, the next episode had the main character’s older brother killed and the main character had the characteristic piloting techniques as his brother so he inherited his brother’s fighter jet. This jet was different from the other fighter jets because there was a duel instead of a single vertical wing at the back part of the jet. The duel wings had white skull and crossbones with a black background painted on them and it transformed into a different, cooler looking robot fighting unit. I can’t tell you quite much in detail how the jet transformed because the animation was usually too quick to follow.

The show was on cartoon network during and before the time of Gundam Wing. It was usually aired like 3 or 4pm eastern time on toonami. It was a Japanese show translated into English and the show was definitely not called “swat kats,” even though that was a good show.

I need the name of it.

Asked by:Jensyao

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  1. Tintin says:

    The anime your looking for is Robotech


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