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Want to try some Trivia Questions from the 1950′s to 1970′s?

Who was the actor that played Moondoggie in all the Gidget films?

Who made famous the song Venus in the 1960′s?

Who was married to Nancy Sinatra in the 1960′s who was a singer like her Dad?

What singing duo sang and wrote Diamond Girl 1970′s?

Who was Annette Funicello paired with in the Beach Blanket movies most often?

What other parts did Harvey Lembeck have in the 1950′s on a military base sitcom besides in the Beach Blanket movies?

Phil Silvers starred in what comedy sitcom in 1955 on tv?

Who played Hoppalong Cassidy in the 1950′s?

Who was Hoppalong Cassidy’s sidekick?

What was the name of the Doctor in Gunsmoke and his name real name as well?

What was the name of the chinese cook on Bonanza?

How many times was Little Joe in love on Bonanza?

Who remembers the TV show called Hennsey and who played the title role?

Who was the pretty blonde who played opposite the actor who played Hennsey on TV?

Comedian who was married to Edie Adams and he always smoked a cigar?

Who liked always used this expression on his talk show “I kid you not”?

What was the name of the show that Johnny Carson was on before they picked him to host the Tonight Show?

Actor Dean Jones starred in a very funny Navy sitcom on TV, what was it called?

Actor and Talk Show host Gary Collins played in what 1965 comedy sitcom that was about the Army?

What “Beauty Queen” did Gary Collins marry?

Who starred in the comedy sitcom called “Crazy Like A Fox”?

Who played the part of the Dad in the western TV show called “The Rifleman?
Who played the son of The Rifleman in that western TV show?

Who played the part of Laura Ingalls in the Little House on the Prairie TV show that Michael Landon starred in and produced?

What is the name of the Actress who is married to Bruce Boxlietner?

What now famous actor and actress played the oldest sister and brother in the TV Western called “The Monroe’s”?

What actor did John Wayne always make sure he was in all his films?

In the movie from the 1950′s entitled Mighty Joe Young starring Terry Moore who was the actor love interest for her ( other then the monkey) in that film?

What movie did Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe star in that was a Musical?

What was the name of the John Wayne Western that Rick Nelson was a young gunfighter in?

What is the name of the actress that was married to Burt Reynolds and the divorce was so bitter that he swore off marriage because of her?

What comedy sitcom did propel Sally Fields to stardom in the 1960′s?

Who is Sally Field’s actor Dad?

Do you remember the show Andy’s Gang?

Do you remember the show that started on radio show about a puppet named Jump, Jump?
Not Ward Bond. Not Robert Armstrong.
Steve Allen never said “I Kid You Not” – but try again. :)

Asked by:Camille


  1. arista says:

    James Darrin was Moondoggy
    Fankie Avalon sang Venus and was paired with Annette
    Phil Silvers was Sgt Bilko
    William Boyd was Hoppalong Cassidy
    Gunsmoke’s Doc was Doc Adams played by Milburn Stone
    Victor Sen Young was Hop Sing the cook on Bonanza
    Hennesey was played by Jackie Cooper
    Edie Adams was married to Ernie Kovacs
    “I kid you not”—Steve Allen
    Johnny Carson was on Who Do You Trust
    The Rifleman was Chuck Connors
    Melissa Gilbert was Laura Ingels
    Judy Carne was married to Burt Reynolds
    Sally Field was Gidget

  2. charlie_tuna57 says:

    1. James Darren
    2. Frankie Avalon
    3. Tommy Sands, 1960–1965 (divorced)
    4. Seals & Crofts
    5. Frankie Avalon
    6. Sargent Bilko
    7. Sgt. Bilko
    8. William Boyd
    9. Windy Halliday (Gabby Hayes)
    10. “Doc” Adams (Milburn Stone)
    11. Hop Sing
    12. Michael Landon appeared in all but fourteen Bonanza episodes for its 14 years on-air, a total of 416/430 episodes. So…I’m guessing that he was “in love” at least a dozen times.
    13. Jackie Cooper
    14. Abby Dalton
    15. Ernie Kovacs
    *16. Jack Paar
    17. Carson hosted several shows before The Tonight Show, including the game show Earn Your Vacation (1954), and the variety show The Johnny Carson Show (1955–56). He was a regular panelist on the original To Tell the Truth until 1962, and hosted the game show Who Do You Trust? (1957–62). In ’62, he became the host of The Tonight Show when Jack Paar quit.
    18. Ensign O’Toole from 1962-63
    19. The Wackiest Ship in the Army
    20. Mary Ann Mobley
    21. The series starred Jack Warden as Harry Fox, a free-spirited private detective who lived by his wits and John Rubinstein as his high-strung attorney son Harrison who unwillingly and frequently found himself dragged into his father’s cases.
    22. Chuck Connors
    23. Johnny Crawford
    24. Melissa Gilbert
    25. Melissa Gilbert
    26. Barbara Hershey and Michael Anderson Jr.
    *27. Ward Bond? John Wayne even gave the eulogy at Bond’s funeral. How about Hank Worden?
    *28. Ben Johnson played Gregg– I don’t remember Ben Johnson ever being that young to play a love interest.
    29. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    30. Rio Bravo
    31. Judy Carne from Laugh In (1963–1965)
    32. Gidget (1965-1966) and then The Flying Nun (1967-1970)
    33. Salesman Richard Dryden Field was her father. Her parents divorced in 1950 and her mother remarried stuntman Jock Mahoney.
    34. Andy’s Gang was a children’s television program that ran on NBC from August 20, 1955, to December 31, 1960. It was hosted by actor Andy Devine. I remember Andy Devine but not the show.
    35. The Edgar Bergen Show? This last question has me stumped!

  3. Don says:

    I agree with Charlie and this was the era I grew up in.

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