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What does your Granny do in her spare time?

Grannie’s Trannie

Since Grannie tuned her trannie to a wee small hours D.J.,
She’s learning, on an average, six new words a day!
When she used her new found knowledge to express her point of view
The pot plants all keeled over and the atmosphere burned blue!
Granddad used to be a wharfie, but even he turned pale
‘Hush, love,’ he whispered hoarsely, ‘or we’ll both end up in jail!’
Gran’s tried gardening and knitting but found the pace too slow,
Last we heard she was rehearsing for a **** Bootskootin’ Show!

On Grannie’s little trannie, Western Music’s her new passion,
She’s wearing’ boots an’ hat an’ shirt Yankee cowboy fashion,
Walks like a bronco rider, talks with a Texas drawl,
Good-bye floppy cardigan, farewell lacy shawl!
But Gran grew disillusioned … it seemed each mournful song
Had a ‘gal’ all broken hearted or a ‘guy’ who’d ‘been done wrong’,
Then Old Shep died of sorrow … or was it gambling debts or drink?
When Gran’s not with her therapist she’s visiting a shrink!

But Grannie loved her trannie … it’s on again full blast,
Heavy Metal, Rock and Roll, Gold Oldies from the past,
Rap Dancing, Aussie Country, Gospel, Opera, Jazz and Blues,
Grey Power grit with Attitude in blue suede, fluffy shoes,
Now Groovy Gran’s our hottest D.J., she almost runs the show,
The darling of the listeners to our public radio,
Teenage fans, mums and dads, senior citz., the pre-school centre,
Have voted her ‘the greatest’ … top ‘on-air’ Presenter!

Asked by:Suzie s


  1. Doris says:

    Drinks margaritas on the rocks. ***.

  2. mswnana says:

    Good one, Suzie! Made me laugh. My granny’s are both gone. If they were like me, that would have been a hoot.

  3. ConansOwner says:

    Lovin’ It – Suzie… thanks for sharing.

  4. DeeJay says:

    Chalk another one up for you.

    You made me smile.

  5. Whortleberry says:

    Dear Suzie, you are surely the Poet Laureate of our SC community!

  6. dudleydo says:

    No answer – both Grannies gone for years and years.

  7. Lily says:

    ‘ Grey power grit with attitude’, yes I like it.

  8. Thomas says:

    I expect she will be still playing her harp?, Disco style….

  9. Buddha says:

    Mine will be making them laugh in heaven. She was a real card.

  10. turn me over says:

    my grannie rides her bike in the middle of the night……… with grandad on the handlebars

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