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Can noone else here under the age of 19 see that the music industry is probably manipulating us?

Because once you start realising it, it starts becoming so very obvious and this counts for those up to the age of 25 or even more too.

I’m talking about all of the absolute GARBAGE I keep hearing everywhere! If I have to listen another tailor made song spat out, without any thought or real talent, at our youth one more time on the radio in the car with my friend I am absolutely gonna puke.

By now I sound like the local preacher, but I am here to bring up a different point today other than ‘your music is horrible, yadda yadda yadda.’ So please, listen!

First off I want to point out that there are alot of songs still amongst today’s youth that are in fact written from the heart and with meaning that do sound good whether I agree with the meaning and support those songs or not.

But what about, for example, a sad large majority of popstars, rapstars, hip hop artists, really quite alot of music can be grouped in this paragraph, that spit out nothing but factory processed garbage that serves no other purpose other than party music or to appear to be ‘cool’. And when I say appear to be ‘cool’ I mean useless songs like guys rapping about their ‘scores’ with ****** and their cash (talk about full of themselves) or some bimbo strutting onto stage in a bikini singing the same old sensual songs with no different meaning whatsoever, all these songs being forced into existence purely so that teenagers can pass them around to each other on their mp3′s, put on a show of how ‘cool’ it is and just to belong. Sensual songs and songs that fit in with a commmon mug attitude may have an appeal, (not saying I agree with them) but as with anything if you eat empty garbage long enough sooner or later you are going to crack, run headfirst into the nearest fridge and gorge yourself on vegetables just to get it out of your system!

Don’t tell me you aren’t tired of eating garbage!

Our society has tv programs, games, movies, media influence/many other things all the time sending constant messages to the teenage generation. As teens you are, sorry folks, part child, part adult. Don’t think that while you are still in a physical and emotional stage of growing up and adapting to this world that you are not impressionable, that you are not supposed to still learn, that you are completely independent, that you are not supposed to still recieve guidance and finally, that you are not *meant* to be impressionable and fall under all of the above that I just listed, cos you are! Even as adults I promise you that we absorb and are influenced by our environment so that we learn lessons and adapt in life. And where are you getting you’re influence from? Alot of teens aren’t listening to their parents, who by the way see and know them as a real person existing and care about them. What alot of teens are listening too is the big stars, mass formed and produced by the big companies, the mass, international attitude of rebellion that is around everywhere today and their peers, who all seem to be in the same boat as they are.

Disney, for all it’s ‘sweetness’ and it’s ‘charm’ bugs me bigtime. For example, nobody, no-bod-y, well, most people anyway in the teen generation would not have paid any attention to anything do with a ‘musical’ at all before all of a sudden, “BAM!” HighSchool musical came out.

Highscool has been described to us as the ‘best time of our lives’. There’s this ‘thing’ about highschool. A theme. Shows featuring highschool dramas have this theme about them as well. The Americanised idea (sorry America, but as the top able contributors to HollyWood and entertainment by default alot things will originate from you) about highschool hunk fotball team captains going out with the homecoming queen is so glamourous, and is an ideal still strongly present in our society.

Look at this latest show, Friday Night Lights. For those of you who do watch it, when you first saw it advertised and at the time knew nothing about the show, what was it that attracted you to watch it? I thought to myself, when I saw the add, finally it occured to someone to make a show about one of the most world famous, American originated, glamourised teen related ideals = $$$.

So, back to speaking about Highschool Musical. First, we throw in HighSchool, an element which not only brings to alot of tv shows a theme of it’s own but it tells teens “Hey guys, it’s *HighSchool* Musical, it’s relates to you!” and makes the whole thing far more youthful. Element number two: Hot characters that people will like. Element number three:

‘Something different.’ And no, I am not paying Disney some sort of compliment. Seemingly in contrast to the common teenage ideal of conforming, it has also seemed to come into to fashion to some degree to do ‘something different’, but this little fashion or fad as I call it that has been integrated into teen society is often actually an act of conforming in itself. Confusing, neh? Well it works like this;

From my obse
This situation I realise does not apply to every single teen situation out there, and before someone misreads me, yes I’m 19. And I reaise I’m hard to understand. This is up here cos I want your opinion so speaks! ^_^
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  1. pab says:

    Wow that was really long.

    I didn’t read it, but yes…95% of the music that is on the radio is Sh*t

  2. CB says:

    History repeats. Look at 50s popular music, 80s popular music. Any real substance? Nope. Be grateful for your brain and listen to what moves you.

  3. silverfang1509 says:

    Now the music is absolutely horrible. Even “kid” songs are getting to be useless garbage that kids shouldn’t be listening to. But I believe this comes back to religion.
    All of this like you said is sensual music and garbage. We can also say it is pure evil and sins today’s songs are about.
    I am Muslim, and Muslims aren’t even allowed to listen to today’s junk music.
    I agree 100% though. You are absolutely right.
    But my opinion is that this comes down to religion.
    If you think about it, these songs drive people away from God, or I say Allah. They are nothing more than trash put into the minds of today’s youngsters.

  4. Kaleon says:

    LMAO Well most religions are manipulative so I don’t really think it matters that music is having any effect.

  5. Oregon hippie says:

    i’m around your age (18/born 1990) and i totally agree.

    music in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s was much better. even in the late 90s, when i first started listening to music, people complained about it, but it was really a lot better than the music today in 2008/2009.

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