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Old Time Radio – Episode name?

Hi, I’ve forgotten both the name of this old time radio episode and what radio program produced it, but I really liked.
The episode was about a woman who had gone into a gothic mansion to check it over (she’d either just shown it to some people or was getting ready to show it). She stumbled into the wine cellar and found a casket with a skeleton on top of it. Some how (I think she bumps the coffin), she knocks the skeleton off, then opens the coffin out of curiosity. She realizes the thing inside is a vampire, and the skeleton had been holding the coffin closed. Long story short, she ends up sitting on the coffin all night to keep the vampire from getting out, and when she returns to her apartment that morning, she finds her hair has turned white.

Sound familer?

Asked by:emeraldragon2001

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  1. old_woman_84 says:

    There is a senior section here so if you get no answer here–you might try posting in their section. Someone there might be able to help I am not familiar with it.

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