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The Massachusetts Observer: Luke Slaughter of Tombstone

Once again it's Saddle-up Saturday on Southbridge Old Time Radio , and we have a very special episode of a limited run series. “Luke Slaughter of Tombstone” ran from February 1958 to November 1958 for a total of 16 …

Downloads The 60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows of the 20th …

60 Greatest Old Time Radios: Amazon.ca: Music . 60 radio classics are here, all selected by.

THE CREAKING DOOR – "DAY OF TRUCE" 05/18 … – Internet Radio

The Creaking Door was an old – time radio series of horror and suspense shows originating in South Africa. There are 42 extant episodes . The series was first aired in 1964-65.

The Massachusetts Observer: Super Sunday +

On Southbridge Old Time Radio , we have been presenting 2 episodes of Superman on Sundays, and perhaps that makes it harder to follow the continuity. Today, we have episodes 5, 6, 7, and 8 to complete the story started 2 …

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