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Posts from ‘December, 2010’

i guess im just different than most people, i dont know?

im a 28 year old straight male that has never dated because im shy and dont fit in with people. with that being said:

- i dont care about or watch sports including the UFC
- i dont care about …

Old Time Radio – Episode name?

Hi, I’ve forgotten both the name of this old time radio episode and what radio program produced it, but I really liked.
The episode was about a woman who had gone into a gothic mansion to check it over (she’d …

Can noone else here under the age of 19 see that the music industry is probably manipulating us?

Because once you start realising it, it starts becoming so very obvious and this counts for those up to the age of 25 or even more too.

I’m talking about all of the absolute GARBAGE I keep hearing everywhere! If …

Old-Time Radio Detective Mystery shows?

My brother let me borrow his set of CDs a few years ago that had all these old-time radio shows that were detective mysteries. They were sponsored by the Anchor Hocking Glass Company, I remember that much. But I can’t …

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