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i guess im just different than most people, i dont know?

im a 28 year old straight male that has never dated because im shy and dont fit in with people. with that being said:

- i dont care about or watch sports including the UFC
- i dont care about cars and/or bikes
- i m not political at all
- im not religious at all, in fact i kind of dont like religion, or atleast what man has done with it, i dont even know if i believe in god or not
- i have never done any drugs or even smoked a cigarette, the idea of breathing smoke into my lungs is very unappealing
- i rarely drink, only been drunk like 3 times, i dont get when people want to “go get wasted”
- i swear im the only straight guy i know that isnt atleast somewhat homophobic
- i dont like clubs and bars
- i dont keep up with tv, i dont even have cable in my room, ive watched a few shows but i wait til dvd
- i dont read because for whatever reason it doesnt keep my interest
- i dont care about celebrities and all that gossip
- i dont like “reality” shows at all
- i dont like guns or hunting, im kind of uncomfortable around them
- i am a guy that is uncomfortable with making sexual comments about some hot girl i see. the few friends i have always immediately go to something sexual and sometimes its crazy stuff. i agree she is hot but thats not the first thing i think of.
- i like when there is a love story in a movie, i dont like romantic comedies because they are mostly predictable cheesy crap, but i like it when a movie has a love story

most of that has to do with me being a guy that doesnt like so many “guy” things. one guy thing i like is metal music. but i like other stuff too, just not country or rap. most of my favorite stuff doesnt get played on the radio. and no its not like death metal or anything. i like metallica as much as the next metal head. another guy thing i like is sci-fi movies.

all i do is watch movies, play video games and listen to music. i get lost in my own little world because i dont fit in with people. am i really that weird and different? atleast for a guy anyway?

Asked by:lonely soul


  1. CodyNMe4life says:

    Nope. You kind of sound like me…just detached from the world. Try finding people that share similar interests as you in music, gaming, and movies. I don’t really even enjoy half the stuff you said you don’t enjoy but I have a lot of friends :) it just depends on how you go about finding them.

    Answer my question???

  2. `PoP`PrinCeSs` says:

    Yar not weird but as a “guy” you can easily be with girls because you do simple and nice things. Yah your different because you are nicer than those guys .. keep being the real you :)

  3. J F says:

    Get a hobby, something that you can feel free to talk about and share with others.
    You seem extremely average and boring. You dont fit in because you dont like anything. Maybe you’re a bit too pessimistic. You have a looong list of things you **** and three things that you like. Really? You make me yawn.
    Im not trying to be an assh0le, but you dont fit in because nothing interests you.

  4. vikram r says:

    Hmm, I know I haven’t posted this question here, but that’s what I think about everyday. You are just as much as I am. Don’t think you are any unusual than anyone of us because if so, then all of us out here are unusual too…

  5. Luke808666 says:

    you just sound like a really boring person.

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