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Should the government or Area 51 expose the truth to us about what has really been going on?

Area 51 is situated in the southwestern portion of Lincoln County in southern Nevada in the western United States. A large military airfield is situated at its center. This center is known as the most secretive places in the world. …

am i developing schizophrenia?

I’m 17. Among many other signs I know can be associated with schizophrenia, I have had one very clear sign. I hear voices in my head when I’m laying in bed at night.
Last night was the worst it has …

help-me!translate small translation english-italian!10 points?

“When i was growing up there always seemed to be music in the air.It came in from the street,from car radios,from restaurants and from the windows of apartments.At home my mother often sang -I have vivid memories of her singing …

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