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What activities or goal are on your bucket list?

First off I just wanna say that The Bucket List is a fantastic movie! Moving on…here’s my list:

Become a historian
meet the Jonas Brothers
Sing on stage
try stand up comedy
go sky diving
Go to Botswana
Go to County Cork in Ireland and try to meet someone I’m actually related to
See the northern lights
go to either Disney land or Disney world
be an extra in a movie
read a ton of books
write a book
write a book of poetry
be known for something good
start a diabetes foundation in honor of my dad
make sure that a CURE is found for diabetes
see the Rolling Stones in Concert
Play the lottery
get a few tattoos
get a couple more earrings
enter radio contests
surround myself with things and people I love
marry someone who I truly truly love no matter how long they take to find
donate to charity
adopt a child
save animals (all kinds)
be kind to everyone, especially when I don’t know them
make a sculpture
become a college professor
get into a good college
get scholarships
impress people
make my parents proud
GRADUATE college
go to grad school
be a hippie for the rest of my life
stay with my ideas no matter how much people try and sway me
live life freely
live life happily
don’t get stressed out over tiny little things
have kids with unique names
go to the grammys
meet someone that will truly change my life
continue to do community service for the rest of my life
not be a grumpy old person
live my life how I want to live it
enjoy every minute of everyday
go to the beach everyday in the summer
live near the beach but on a farm
read the dictionary
learn to speak an interesting language
learn guitar
walk barefoot whenever possible
let loose more in the summer
have fun and not care whos watching
dont judge people
not care if people judge me
stand up when someones being bullied
go t oa political rally
protest something
try exotic food
pet a whale
reach for the stars

I’m 15…I know that if I put my mind to it, I’ve got time to do every last one of these things. What’s on your list?

Asked by:Casey D


  1. Kelcy_loves_Dex says:

    get a degree
    watch a marathon of disney movies
    paint a room lime green and bright orange to see how long i can live in it
    write a book
    own a dog
    see the northern lights
    visit every state in the usa
    go to Australia
    get a tatoo
    go scuba diving
    go inter railing
    see the grand canyon
    gamble in las vegas
    make someone happier

  2. thatchick says:

    I hope you get to do those goals you have in your life :)

    I want to

    Travel the world
    Get my own place
    be in a secure job
    spend more time with my grandparents
    learn Italian
    not be so hard on myself
    try to take a day each step at a time (life isnt a race)
    not worry about what i havent done, worry about what i am going to do (the future)
    stop kidding myself
    take a break from ‘everyday life’ and just enjoy a moment of calm
    meet lots of new people from all walks of life
    visit the resting places of people i respect who have passed ( i know they have gone, but it wont feel real for me, until i am standing where they are buried :(
    listen to my heart, not my head
    try not to be negative, be glad i am alive
    inspire others with my creativity
    be more relaxed around younger children, i think because my childhood wasnt that great, i find it hard to relate to them, my cousin is 10, its difficult :(
    dont take criticism personally
    live life my own way

  3. gracie4short says:

    This is a marvelous and inspiring question! And your answer is inspiring, too. Go for them, darling…your life will be silver and gold to everyone you meet!

    I’m in my mid-fifties and I’ve done most of the stuff I ever dreamed of, and a couple of things I never thought to even imagine! But here are a few things I’d like to do before I Go Home:

    See Ireland in the spring.
    Own my own home (or its mortage, hehe)
    Get a full-color tatt
    Go up in a hot-air balloon (and back down again)
    Drive Route 66
    Win $100K at the casino

    But the top-most thing I want to accomplish may seem rather morbid to some people (while to some it will make perfect sense)

    If my sweetheart goes first, I want to be holding him when he does;
    If I go first, I want to be in his arms, looking into his eyes, hearing his heart beat as I leave.

    There’s so little we have control over in this life. There is so much that simply happens TO us and we must survive it, use it, profit from it, discard it, re-cycle it. Everything that has happened to me has contributed to create the person I am today–and I like her pretty well. All I hope to do is end the race with honor. I hope you do the same!

  4. Morpheus says:

    To be free from a torrential downpour of vitriol for the most ridiculous and minuscule of reasons. Were it not for having to endure this misery, I would have a good life.

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