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can you check my grammer please im weak in english so help me out?

Annie, directed by Ms. Megan Dollar, is a wonderful play about an eleven year old orphan girl in New York during the depression era. The characteristics of this play are obsessive with integrity, simplicity and deception. The movie was about a little girl who was trying to find her parents and on her way she found something even better than that, however she had to struggle through hardships before the finale.
The acting is always based on characteristics dialogue, action and gestures s/he does throughout the play. As for the high school students, they did outstanding job with dialogue, action and expression. Expression is the most important key when it comes to acting. Ashley bossard was the perfect choice for the shaky Miss hannigan. She offered a complementary combination of drunken and lonely unmarried woman who beyond the usual age of marriage and had nothing else in life to do but to drink and listen to the radio while caring for the young girls. Alex Madjar and Rachel Marino played the roles of Rooster and Lily; they did a great job in their villainous roles. They mixed fun with evil in the scene when the play was getting too sentimental. There were a few mistakes by minor characters like when Sarah Claridge was playing the role of the Boylan sisters and over gesturing at the end of the play. During the play everybody was wearing a microphone but I realized that the lawyer was not wearing one. This is why I did not understand what he said. Roosevelt’s role, played by Joe Teichman, was the most effective role. Due to his influence Oliver figured out that Mr. and Mrs. Mudge are not Annie’s real parents.
Lighting also has a major role in drama. It not only illuminates the drama but also creates a nice mood and atmosphere for the audience. Creative work of lighting always has a positive effect on the performance of an artist, and also it creates a mood for the interest of the audience. The lighting designer did a creative job in lighting by focus, mood, location and time of the day. However, some scenes lacked in focus including a few scenes where he did not put the light on Annie and Hannigan while they were singing. Another mistake was when Annie went to the movie with Mr. warbucks, they portrayed sunset using a red light, and this did not seem to fit. During their conversation I realized that they were going to a movie at night but they showed the red color instead of blue color.
The use of drama was very inventive. Before the opening I thought that if the setting is based in Greek theater then I will not be as interested, but it was different play than any of the other plays I have seen. They did not use the orchestra where the messenger tells what’s happening off stage. The one thing I did not like was the setting of band. The band was between the stage and audience. Sitting in the middle of the performing center I imagined how annoying it was for the people who were sitting in the front rows. The band’s volume was really loud and it disrupted the audience’s concentration. Also, it is always important to set the play in a particular historical period. But I realized something different about Oliver’s offices. The hall of the Oliver’s office was obviously showing how wealthy he is but when I saw the setting of his office, it amazed me. His office did not look like a billionaire’s office. His office looked like a typical office manager.
This was the first musical play I have ever watched and in my opinion it was the movie that can change everyone’s attitude towards orphans and homeless children. The most annoying thing I found in the play was the song “A Hard Knock Life”. It was very annoying dancing with the bucket. On the other hand the most exciting scenes in the play were when some boys bothered Annie and her companion Sandy, and then Annie messed up by saying,”all right, who is next?” There were few errors in the play but overall it was a wonderful musical drama with great acting and dancing.

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