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Does anyone listen to old time radio?

I love old time radio! Specially the horror shows. I listen to them everynight before i go to sleep. They are really amazing.

Our society is really messed up now with all the technology we have today.
I’d rather listen to an old radioshow than some stupid teen drama like Gossip girls etc.

Asked by:Brooke L


  1. manga freakxx says:

    I’d love to listen to an old radio story or whatever, but I live in a small community and we have like… two channels – a local news channel that’s not actual news and a really bad “oldies” channel, if you could even call them that, since I’ve never heard Lynard Skynard or The Police or anyone like that on there. xD

  2. um. no formerly wanted only says:

    um. no
    I do listen to a classic rock radio show

  3. bigmonty91010 says:


    Anyway, I’m GLAD that you **** “Gossip Girl”, and you’d rather listen to old-time radio classics like “The Whistler”, “The Shadow(whether Orson Welles or Bill Johnstone)”, or maybe “The Mysterious Traveler”…

    Thanks for being an old-time radio fanatic!

  4. samantha k says:

    I like to listen to them sometimes. Some of my favorites are Suspense, Baby Snooks, The Lux Radio Theater. radiospirits.com has a good selection of old time radio shows on cd and cassette, as well as a bunch of old movies.

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