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Isn’t this a sad but very touching article from one of the LEO journals I subscribe to?

Philadelphia Inquirer

May 06, 2008

PHILADELPHIA – Nancy Braun was sitting on a couch watching one of her favorite TV shows, Trading Spaces, when gunfire erupted down the street yesterday morning.

“I heard three shots – real loud,” Braun said from a rocking chair on the front porch of her Schiller Street rowhouse. “Then a lady started screaming, ‘A police officer’s been shot!’ “

Braun and her boyfriend, Joe Czarnik, both 43, bolted out of the house and ran to Schiller and Almond Streets, she said. She was not wearing shoes at the time, she said, and ran in her socks.

In the street next to a compact police cruiser, Braun said, she saw Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski. Others were trying to apply pressure to his stomach and an arm.

Keith Petaccio, 45, was at his front door greeting his wife as she came back after walking their dogs.

A police cruiser “flew by,” and Petaccio stepped outside to see what was going on just as the gunfire started, he said. He said he had run to Liczbinski.

Throughout the block as noon approached, chaos ensued.

A woman spun around yelling that a man had put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. People young and old poured out of houses and onto their porches. One man chased the shooter’s stolen Jeep as it bolted south on Almond Street. Others called 911 on cell phones.

An older man nearby had taken the fallen officer’s radio and was saying, “A police officer is down. He’s shot multiple times. Get an ambulance,” Braun said.

Braun yelled at another neighbor for towels to try to stop the gushing blood. She grabbed four kitchen towels and gave them to those trying to stop the bleeding, she said.

A neighbor tying to help Liczbinski looked up at Braun and said, “His arm is just dangling off.”

Petaccio said he had stayed with Liczbinski talking to him as he tried to save his life.

He said Liczbinski had looked at him and said, “I want you to tell my wife I’ll miss her.”

Joe Farrell was cooking breakfast for his children, he said, when he heard the shots feet from his porch. He yelled at the children to get down on the floor and ran out the door to help.

“They were holding rags on him trying to stop the blood from pumping out,” Farrell said. He said he had helped get Liczbinski into the back of a police car.

Minutes later, swarms of police and detectives arrived. They quickly strung yellow police tape for blocks around the intersection.

“I feel bad for the family and the police,” Braun said. “What they have to go through today, it’s horrible.”

Petaccio said that on Saturdays the neighborhood streets were usually filled with children playing. Yesterday few people were outside when the drama began.

“My heart goes out to his family,” Petaccio said. “I can’t believe it happened.”

Many of the porches in the neighborhood have colorful flowers hanging in baskets or in pots.

By 6 p.m., when most police cars had left and the police tape had been collected, some had placed flowerpots at the curb where Liczbinski fell.

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  1. Kevy says:

    I am glad so many people came together to try to save his life. I hope it was at least of some comfort to him. It is a terrible tragedy that he had to die.
    RIP Sgt Liczbinski

  2. CGIV76 says:

    Very touching, and sad. Unfortunately I can relate directly to the article. I’ve been on the scene of many shootings involving Police Officers. I lost two partners. There isn’t anything else I can say.

  3. somerandomdude says:

    It is. It’s very sad.

    R.I.P. Sgt. Liczbinski.

  4. Randy F says:

    Sad, Sad situation………

  5. NAN NANNO says:

    Thank you, my heart goes out to everyone involved in the situation.
    Rest in Peace Officer Liczbinsi.
    May God Bless all the LEOs and thank you for risking your lives every day to make the world more peaceful.

  6. Mj F says:

    It is not supposed to happen, but if it had been me, I would want to it to be doing something that made the living all worthwhile. I think he would have said the same.
    To say “thank you” and “we do appreciate you” is a bit too late now but it’s true…

  7. Ladeebugg33 says:

    So very sad, but familiar…we lost a wonderful Sergeant 7 years ago the same way–he had 5 children…my prayers go to his family and his PD

  8. rcedencarpetcleaning says:

    I don’t really know what to say, but this is one of the reasons that I left my job Seattle. My first partner too fell in the line of duty, not a night goes by where I don’t think of him and what I coulda done. Sad my heart goes out to the officers and his family.

  9. swat says:

    that is extremely sad but there are some things I’m not clear about… did he get run over or shot or both or did the car come at him and he shot at the vehicle?
    and its implied that he died but it never actually says if he died or not

    if he did die R.I.P.
    and the person responsible for killing him… BURN IN HELL

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