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ok this is my idea for a movie script and was wondering what celebrities you would use for the cast and help?

OK so i am bored and i was thinking of movie ideas for the hell of it. And i was thinking why doesn’t anyone make war drama movies were they have a squad and they all become really good friends. The plot would be the squad captain who is old and really wise lost his entire squad in a Afghanistan fire fight were they were ambushed by Taliban guerrilla fighters. Everyone expect the general dies in the squad and he becomes emotionally scared. He is rescued and taken to a military hospital, thinking that the reason his entire squad died was because of him, thus he starts drinking and becomes emotionally wrecked. He is then assigned new orders that his next mission is to lead a new squad called the “S.S’ dog-tag shepherds into a war zone area in Afghanistan filled with mountains, forest and many other obstacles. His squads mission is to find one specific terrorist leader in the area and either kill or capture him. And this is my idea for the squad cast

Russell Crow- The old wise leader of the S.S dog-tag Shepherds who is emotionally wrecked over the loss of his own squad, he despises his squad at first saying they are all going to die but as time progresses he becomes attached

Will Smith- The cool black guy who fires heavy machine guns says jokes and puns throughout gunfights and scenes and says things like “oh hell no!’

Toby Mcquire- A ordinary solider who is also the squad medic

Christan Bale- the heavy artillery guy

Elijah Wood- The sympathetic solider who lied about his health and height to get into the army becuase his parents were killed in a car accident and he joined the army as a chance of getting into college and getting a good job to support his 7 year old sister, his army occupation is he carries the radio

Vin Disel- the tough marine solider who is a veteran of many other operations and uses strict force to pull the squad together sometimes, mainly uses military shotguns and bazzookas
and i’m stuck for the rest of the cast i need a
silent/quiet guy
and some other people you could think of for the squad
p.s i did this becuase im bored

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  1. Yummmy says:

    Badass:Brad Pitt
    Religious:Tom Cruise
    Average:Leonardo Dicaprio
    Silent/quiet guy: Edward Norton


  2. giant_steeler_fan says:

    Wow you better have quite the budget for this movie! lol :D

    Bad-A: I think Christian Bale fits this part :)
    Religious: Naveen Andrews
    Average: Ryan Gosling
    Silent/Quiet Guy: Daniel Craig

    Yeah, I have no clue why I picked these people, but there ya go.

  3. john says:

    You should put Vin Diesel as the bad ***..by combining those two roles. You don’t need Bale disel and another guy, that would be overkill.
    Also you cant have too many actors or there wont be any character development.
    For the rest I would use:

    Religious guy: Geovanni Ribisi
    Silent/Quiet guy: Sebastian Stan (new Captain America movie)
    Average Guy: Adam Beach or Mark Ruffalo.

    One thing I’d suggest is not to have Tobey Macquire and Elijah Wood in the same movie. I Cant tell them two apart. They are basically the same actor.

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