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Please help,Anxiety.Realllly bad.anythings helpfull?

think that I have anxiety.My mom has it,and my sister does too.I’m always worried about whats going to happen.I’m depressed and I have alot of depression.My mom and sister have to take medication for anxiety.Maybe I should be to?I always thought it was asthma,but maybe what I’m about to explain have been anxiety attacks?Possibly.?Sometimes if im doing homework and listening to the radio,or watching t.v. , or doing basically anything,I can’t breathe,and I have to put my hands over my ears and close my eyes and block out EVERYTHING,and try and breathe,up and up and up till I finally get air.Is that anxiety or asthma.?Am I just paranoid?I’ve been in a lot of pain lately to.Like my ribcage,and my stomach.I’m always dizzy.LIKE REALLY BAD;I can’t get up and walk.I never feel like moving.Ever.I don’t want to go to school.I don’t want to be at home.Theres way to much drama for me in both places.I have no friends I can trust,exceptions of one,Skylar.At school nobody likes me,tries to fight me and calls me pregnant troll.Everyone at my school is fake.I **** EVERYONE THERE.(Except a few people.) Still,school blows.Am I imagining my pain?I’m behind in my classes,that’s NOT ME.I’ve never got anything below a C on my report cards,and I have 2 E’s.Also I never missed school before middle school.I was one of them dorky kids with the Honor Roll and Attendance award thingys.I would beg my mom to let me go to school if I didn’t feel good.I think I really do have anxiety.I REALLY WANT TO BE HOMESCHOOLED, just untill the end of the year.I can’t deal with all of this anymore.I NEED a therapist.Any advice or comments?Please.
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When i was at a very young age i saw my father hit the floor from a double anurism then not see him for 7months in the hospital,now having to deal with him,and think of old times and what life could have been like.Hes disabled nw.and my mom is to.And my sister just gets high and leaves me,i think that mite be some reasons for it also..

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  1. Shazz says:

    Sounds like you have Anxiety. Anxiety and Depression commonly walk hand-in-hand.

    As for needing a therapist, try going to your local church. There are youth pastors there that are experienced in helping teens through troubles just like this, and all their services are free.

    I have depression and slight anxiety, and I found going to my local church pastor really helped. He set me up with a program called Small group or Home groups. We meet once a week every week and just discuss random things.

    You dont have to be religious to seek help from the church. They are always willing to help anyone who needs it, and can often help pay for medical visits.

    Go see a doctor as well, they can prescribe some medication for you, just like your mum and sister.

    Best of luck, and I hope you get better soon!

  2. M.O.B im yellin it to the grave says:

    I really know how you feel about the axiety i went
    through the same thing. its very scary i know. this may sound imppossable to you but you need to just relax by taking a deep breath in and let it out slow. all you need to do is just Get headphones and do what he tells you to do thats what i did. or get head phones and listen to the bottom link.
    i have deppresion, A.D.D and juvenile rhuemitoid arthritis. i take a shyt load of pills and have to everyday for the rest of my life. im very sorry about your dad and what you go throught with your mom and sister that can really deppress somebody. about your mom and sister they are not very good parents sorry but i had to say it. email me if you ever need to talk

  3. deb says:

    WOW! You are under a LOT of stress! Please talk to your Mom and have her take you to your family doctor to start with, or talk to your school counselor or school nurse. Do not stop asking for help until you get it! Look in your phone book under your “community resources” section there will be Mental Health listed. A lot of places will help you get started depending on your family income so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t afford it. Just don’t stop asking for help until you find someone who is listening and will help you…your life does NOT have to be this way. You need help and you deserve help! Good Luck!

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