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What is your favorite Old Time Radio Show or Audio Drama/OTR like podcast?

i like Bell’s in the Batfry http://www.thebatfry.com/ use because it is so obviously influenced by Jack Benny.
and the Zombie Astronaut from the frequency of fear http://frequencyoffear.com/
and sometime my parents are so much like the Bickersons

Asked by:chorle


  1. Ocean says:

    James O’Brian – LBC (97.3)

  2. likesfemalefeet says:

    I miss late night talk shows on the radio. I know they still exist, but not nearly as many. If I had to pick one, it would be a comedy, like Jack Benny’s show.

  3. Gwillam says:

    The Jack Benny Show was one of my favorites, too. I like the late night mysteries and thrillers, like “Inner Sanctum” and “Suspense.”

  4. eugene m says:

    Red Skelton

  5. TxRealtorTheWoodlands says:

    I think Jack Benny, Red Skelton, and Jackie gleason were some of the best funny guys going, But I can not remember Jackie doing Radio.

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