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does anyone know where I can download the two episodes of the radio play “Greenmantle”? -?

I did a silly thing!!! Some months ago I downloaded a radio play of the John Buchan story called “Greenmantle”.
Yesterday I listened to it on my CD play, and found to my horror that the play is in two one-hour episodes – and I had downloaded only the first episode.
DISASTER! I can’t remember what site I downloaded it from, even though I have spent ages looking at Old Time Radio sites on the Internet.
I wonder if anybody knows of a site that has the two episodes of this radio play. I would be VERY grateful if someone could help. I have also tried to find a site where I can download it for payment, or where I can buy Greenmantle on a CD, but I have had no luck so far.

Asked by:sam

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  1. joshua s says:

    Try Itunes Or Limewire.

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