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Old-time Radio Fans: I am curious about an episode of “CBS Mystery Theater”?

My brother listened to the show in the 70′s/80′s and I was just a wee tyke. There was one episode that scared the hell out of me. I just remember a woman wailing about wanting her baby. Reading some synopses of episodes has me thinking this one might be titled “The ***** in the Wall”, but I suspect others as well, and can’t find any samples. Does this sound familiar?

Asked by:Everyday


  1. phishphace says:

    They dont have CBS Mystery Theater, but if you like old radio shows this is a great site.http://www.radiolovers.com/

    Here is CBS Mystery Theater….http://www.oldtimeradiofans.com/template.php?show_name=CBS%20Radio%20Mystery%20Theater

  2. nicholelibra says:

    I’m not sure of what eppie you’re talking about, but you can go here…

    because those guys really know their shizz. They also trade and share the “master set” which contains all 1300 some odd eppies.

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