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Questions about episodes from Liberty City?

If anyone has bought the game and can answer these questions i would be grateful!

1. If you purchase the downloadable content (dlc) can you still play the original GTA IV?
2. If you purchase the dlc, can you play online with people who have bought the disc?
3. If you purchase the dlc, and you share the game with your brother’s PS3 upstairs, can you both play at the same time online?
4. If you purchase the disc, do you still have all the old radio stations, etc?
5. Can you play Lost and Damned online with people who are playing Ballad of *** Tony?

Thank you all in advance.

Asked by:Mangs

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  1. minty says:

    1. Yes. After the first time you start up the game, it will ask you which one you want to play(IV, TLaD, or TBoGT)

    2. Yes, the servers are integrated.

    3. Yes, just create a new user on the brother’s PS3, then go to Sign Up For Playstation Network. Then hit Use an existing account, then enter YOUR PSN’s login info. After that, go to Account Management, then down to Transaction Management, then Download List. TLaD and TBoGT should be in the download list if you’ve already purchased it on your PS3.

    4. The disc version contains only the DLC content, but does not require the original GTAIV disc to play. It has all the old radio stations, but you get 3 new ones too, exclusive to the disc version.

    5. No, each DLC pack has its own servers, and TLaD has an exclusive multiplayer mode.

    If both you and your brother are both interested in the DLC, I’d recommend that you get the downloadable version and split the cost, making it $20 per person. After you do what I mentioned in 3, have him pay for half of it ;-).

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