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can anyone help with noisy neighbours?

ok.. does anyone know if we can do anything about noisy neighbours in western australia?

we have very very annoying neighbours.. they have twin 6 year olds that act like they are 3.. they scream all day long when there not at school.. they constantly try to compete with each other and there parents attention.. and the parents don’t even do anything about it.. they even encourage them to scream louder to spite us. they also have a dog that they haven’t disciplined and barks when the girls are screaming.. and the parents have made no attempts to tell it to be quiet at all!.. and with all this noise we put the radio on to drown out their noise.. so they put there radio on full ball.. who knows how they can hear anything with all their noise. we cant even sit outside or go in the pool because we are fed up with listening to them :( we have tried talking to them.. asked them countless times to tell the kids to keep the noise down.. and they tell the kids to be louder..

please does anyone know what we can do.. its driving us insane having to lock ourselves in the house and not enjoy being outside.
oh.. and the kids dont have any friends so are never away from home.. they are either at school or at home.. same with the parents.. maybe that can show the extent of their rudeness and loudness, having no friends
.. we also live in a large double brick house.. and we can hear the twins from the other side of the house! people have come over and asked us who’s children are in the house.. because it sounds like there in our house.. :(

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  1. StarQuisha says:

    just shoot them

  2. ♥♠♣♦ŜĦŬĢØ ĆĦĄŖĂ♦♣♠♥ says:

    CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!! they can do something about it. Unless u wana kill them

  3. stingrayvipevette7 says:

    Well,where do I start?
    I moved seven years ago going on eight down to Hamilton Texas because me husband’s parents live down here and they were supposed to help me and my husband out when we got down here. We lived with them for less than a month when my husband’s dad talked to a friend of his and got us moved into government housing, aka “the Hell Hole full of Constant Chaos.”
    Eight years ago, we had noisey neighbors and we talked to our landlord about it of which they did nothing to get our neighbors to quiet down.
    Of course if you are buying a house, then you have no landlord.
    I was told by my husband to not do anything about it and just to put up with the noise.
    I refused and several times, i civially went over and told them to quiet down their music and their constant slamming of doors.
    When kids were left home alone the noise was almost unbearable and the music was so loud it bounced and shook our walls. b
    I excercised my first ammendment right in speaking my mind in trying to maintain the peace around my house.
    I have six kids and sometimes it is hard to keep them disciplined and keep them busy so they have no time to get into mischief. I watch them all the time, even when they are outside at times. I have set down strict values for my kids to respect others things and to respect others in knowing that we are all different and all have different values and come from different cultures and backgounds.
    I always told my kids that if the noise got too out of hand I would call the authoirities. I called the authorities about twice with one neighbor and my neighbor was warned that if the cops were called once more for my neighbor’s disturbance of my peace in the neighborhood the neighbor would be cuffed, arrested and taken in for disturbing the peace.
    At time I wanted to turn my music full blast like them and I wanted so badly to slamm my door so hard like them. I did a few times but like with you it backfired and I ended up outside with my music full blast and their music full blast and both of us getting mad at one another. This did not work so I did try the police calls and it worked. Police do not care if you call them and let them know you have a neighbor who is disturbing the peace around the neighborhood. They are on your side.

    Try to go a week without turning your music loud, without hollering at them, without slamming any doors or doing any retaliation of any kind as you are lowering yourself to their standards.

    During the week you are trying to calm things down between the two of yall, if the neighbors become so unbearable and play their music loud, slamm doors repeatedly, or holler loudly for many hours at a time without being quiet to enjoy your peace, then call the police and while you are on the phone, take the phone over to close where your neighbors noise is coming from, but do not let your neighbors see you and tell the cops that the neighbors are this loud all the time every single day or whenever they are loud. Then ask the cops nicely if they could please send an officer out to tell the neighbors to quiet it down. Tell the cops you have tried to tell the neighbors to be quieter and they refuse all the time. Just tell the police you would like to make a disturbance call concerning your loud neighbors and just talk with the police department.

    If you call the cops out and the quiet the neighbors down but then they get loud even an hour or two later, call the cops again and let them listen to the noise of your neighbors on the phone. Whenever the neighbors get loud after you call the cops then repeatedly make the call to the cops when the neighbors get loud and stay loud for more than an hour or so.

    Remember that the law is there to protect and serve and as long as you maintain your calm throughout the argument with your neighbors, you will be seen as being in the right. The cops are there to maintain your peace and your safety. Please remember this.

    Calling the cops from here on out sends a message to your neighbors that you are serious and will not tolerate them disturbing your peace anymore. You are just putting the law in the hands of those who know how to maintain order.

    If your neighbors then refuse to follow the cops orders to calm things down, then they will indeed be arrested.

    I have a neighbor right now who leaves her oldest kid, a teenage boy at home from Wednesday on till Sunday mornings. I wrote my landlord and had a long talk with him about his slack in enforcing government policies around the apartments where we live.

    Since speaking with my landlord, he spoke with the neighbor and her door slamming has stopped for the most part and even today she took her son with her and her daughters to go shopping.

    The music was loud next door once more, but since speaking with the landlord, they only play it at night now and so low all you can hear is a little sound. Two good books are Be Your Best and I Never Knew I Had a Choice by Corey and Corey, liscensed psychologists.

    When things get out of hand, like someone disturbing your peace then it is best to let the law handle it as many times as the neighbors are loud.

  4. RRR says:

    Call the police. If they cannot help, then you can consider taking civil legal action against the neighbours. You have a reasonable right to use your property for its intended purpose. If constant noise interferes with your rights, you can take them before a judge in civil action for diminished property value and receive financial compensation. You will need to document what they are doing with video and audio recording. If you tape the television with a clock next to it and the noise from the neighbours in the background, then you will have convincing evidence against them. The more hours of recording, the better your case. If you try to sell your property and cannot sell it because of the noise, the court will be very liberal in awarding compensation to you. You may get an award of the full value of your property. Your attorney can then plead an action with the court to force them to pay, resulting in a force sale of their property in order to compensate you. Then you are rid of them.

    You will probably not need to proceed into the courtroom with the case. In all probability your attorney will send a letter to them advising them that he will be representing you in legal action against them for monetary damages. After they receive that letter you will probably notice a considerable reduction in the noise problem. Most people are quite tolerant of their bratty kids until it starts to cost them considerable money. If they believe impoverishment may be the result of the noisy behavior, the parents will probably decide that the cost is not worth the behavior.

  5. Super says:

    I’m in victoria, just call the council. my neighbours did that about our dogs because they bark during the day. it was really annoying because they hadn’t even said anything to us so we weren’t aware of the problem until the council came and yelled at my parents about it. Now we keep the dogs quiet. But if you’ve made reasonable attempts to talk to them about it, council’s the way to go. If they still don’t quieten down, they can eventually take the dog away. Although if this did happen I think it would probably just make them mad and they’d do more to get even…it’s a ****** of a situation. I wouldn’t know what to do about the kids, sorry.

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