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Can I really trust him? Enough to love him?

Broad question:
How does a lion-tamer tame a male lion? Is it not possible without an injection of fear, temptation, or bribery?

Could you ponder that question a little…

Down to business – I’m not a crazy astronomy guru, but I do enjoy the concepts of the Western Zodiac…and I happen to be an Aries. But, I have a love interest that’s a Leo.

Now, a lion is the following;
-very social around women

But also;
-caring, gentle and compassionate

Enough of that astronomy stuff, here’s my crisis: Over the summer, I was playing Runescape (a well known MMORPG) and a guy on my friends’ list starts talking to me the first or second week of June ’08, and since then, I’ve fallen in love with the man, who I know as Brandon. Now I know, all concerns for a girl with online relationships and all, and one thing that really bugs me, is the very idea that all my work –since i’ve been “together” with Brandon, I’ve written many poems that alot of my friends and their parents enjoy reading, and the like. I’ve done many drawings over the summer that my peers praise aswell– has all been dreamed, considered, and dwelled upon over false feelings that don’t have a true foundation. I feel like I’ve dug myself in a hole and unable to find a way out. I don’t know if I can say I truely love him, because well, I’ve never met the guy in real life. And how it started off as, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, a very close girlfriend of mine and I had made a secret Boyfast, an extensive period of time where we wouldn’t have crushes, fall in love, get smitten, or the like. As immature as that sounds, it actually worked, since we saw eachother on a daily basis, it always was remembered and never broken. Brandon just happen to start talking to me, and we found we had a lot of common interest. For instance, 70s and 80s music preference over modern music. Music I guess was a big connection between the two of us. We recommended songs to eachother, songs we thought that the other should have a listen to. Along with the sharing of the titles and their respective artists, we talked about why we liked the particuliar song and connections we had to it. An example: the song Free Falling by Tom Petty, I adore that song and will forever, I have grown up with it and know the lyrics by heart.
Towards the end of June, we started talking on the phone. The first time we heard eachother, we got disconnected and he called back saying he dropped the phone when later he admitted, he was so shy he hung up timidly. For the rest of the summer, we constantly conversed over the phone, allowing us to listen to the background noise more. I’d been in my room most of the summer, and I constantly had my radio tuned in to the oldies rock station, and whenever a familiar song came on, like Free Falling, Land Down Under, or Africa came on, I’d blare it and he’d laugh then we’d continue more peacefully when I’d turn down the volume when the song had finished. But that was summer.
Now, as in present day, we never get the chance to talk on the phone, because of money trouble. So we rely on windows messenger to communicate. It’s cool and all, but how long can this be kept up? Also, at school during lunch, I sit with my old and very good friend Josh, and since he’s like a big brother to me I tend to listen to him more than I do to others. Lately, he’s been giving me constant reality checks when I’m trying to chug down my Turkey Hill Orange Tea, and they’re all sticking with me, like bubble gum. I quote from earlier today, “You have to wake up from your stupid daydream.” But…it’s the problem…
Do I want to wake up? no.
Am I scared to wake up? sort of.
Do I know I have to wake up? yes.
Do I want to let go of Brandon? NO.

Here’s my question, should I listen to the people around me and that I know I can trust, or do I take a risk and love someone over a thousand miles away?

Because…what if he’s not faking, and he’s really the one for me…
Ehh…I feel like I just stuffed a bunch of bull into that question…sorry if it’s confusing for people ><;; so sorry!

Asked by:Sage M


  1. Steve R says:

    the hell with him

  2. gothbelt says:

    OMG i loved runescape!!! until i got hacked 15m(my whole account). then i just stopped plaing lol. anyways forget him. for all you know he is some 13 year old perv.

  3. Help~Me~Please says:

    what i would do is figure out his mentality then try to pick out the truth then see if that is what he says.

  4. Love and Respect Are Power!!!! says:

    Never listen to anyone or anything if it goes against your heart. i’ve never had an online gf, but that doesn’t mean y’all don’t love each other.

    Real Life? everything is real life, whether you see him in person or not.

    follow your damn heart.

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