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could I have schizophrenia?

I’m 17. Among many other signs I know can be associated with schizophrenia, I have had one very clear sign. I hear voices in my head when I’m laying in bed at night.
Last night was the worst it has been. I heard about 15 different voices. Here are a few examples:
One was a little girl whispering “Do it, do it, do it, do it!”
One was a man from the old western times. He was yelling at someone else.
One was a very professional man in his 20′s. He wore a business suit and had combed dark brown hair. (Don’t quite know how I know what he looked like) He talked to me about something, but I don’t remember.
One was a man over an old sounding radio, at first he was over the radio. Then he sounded normal. He was screaming at me for something or another. His name is Chaz.
What the hell is going on with me? This is the first time so many have visited me, the first time they have been individual, the first time one has a name, and the first time one told me to “Do it”.
To whoever said if I’m contemplating it, I don’t have it:
If I’m contemplating it, then it’s serious enough to even contemplate. And I’m thinking it’s the early signs of schizophrenia. It worsens as you age, and I’m afraid I will begin to think they are real and listen to them.
I’m afraid of what my own mind can do to me.
I’m scared for my f*cking life, dude.

Asked by:Spencer


  1. Paul B says:

    Thats messed up dude.You should see a professional about that

  2. Method to this Madness says:

    If you can contemplate the idea of having Schizophrenia, then you probably don’t have it.
    If you do, it isn’t a severe case, because you realize that hearing voices that don’t exist isn’t of the norm.
    But something else could be causing the voices, be it a physical or mental problem.

  3. boystownhotline says:

    Hi, Spencer,

    Definitely see a doctor about this. If these are hallucinations, that could definitely be a symptom of schizophrenia. If it’s schizophrenia, it’s better to catch it when it first develops! (I’m not saying it IS schizophrenia. It could be.)

    Something as serious as hallucinations should seriously be checked out by a doctor. :( If you need to talk about it further, we’re here at Boys Town 24/7.

    Good luck!

    Boys Town National Hotline

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