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Good Morning Sunday; does Aled Jones on his early morning Radio 2 show ever quote confusing bits of the Bible?

Tend to rise early on Sunday mornings, and will do some paperwork whilst listening to him, and have been doing so for about six months now, and his programmes (…discussing ethical and religious issues) seem almost ultra-sweet. Mouthing the sort of verses the socio-economic ABC1′s, suited ‘n’ booted up love whilst attending their churches in the – er…Home Counties and elsewhere where’s there not a ‘chav’ to be seen…love everyone and the sun will always shine – and avert your eyes from snarly Leviticus, Romans et al.
Read some time ago the said programme is a must for Daily Mail readers…but are these not the same people who fill the letter pages with multi-thumbs-up **** mail when another ‘Muslims are still living in the fourteenth century’/'Muslims get six year olds to bomb us nice Western guardians’ etc. story makes the front page?


…sorry for above link – but (damn) if only Brother Aled would air a couple.

Keep the faith…

Asked by:Divide et impera


  1. Jesus Christ says:

    It may confuse you, but my journal will make sense soon enough.

  2. finecity_boy says:

    He also isn’t any good with jokes! here’s a belter.

    Little Johnnie desperately wanted a bright red wagon for Christmas. His friends were writing letters to Santa Claus, but Johnnie decided to go one better.

    “Dear Jesus,” he wrote. “If I get a red wagon for Christmas, I won’t fight with my brother Hank for a year.” Then Johnnie thought, Oh, no, Hank is such a brat, I could never, ever keep that promise. So Johnnie threw away the letter and started again.

    “Dear Jesus, if I get a red wagon for Christmas, I will eat all my vegetables for a year.” Then Johnnie thought, Oh, no, that means spinach, broccoli and asparagus. Yuck! I could never ever keep that promise. Suddenly Johnnie had an idea. He went downstairs to the living room. From the mantel above the fireplace, he grabbed the family’s statue of the Virgin Mary. Taking the statue to the kitchen he wrapped it in newspapers and stuffed it into a grocery bag. He took the bag upstairs to his room, opened the closet and placed the package in the farthest, darkest corner.

    He then closed the closet door, took a new sheet of paper and wrote, “Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again…”

  3. trish s says:

    When Aled first took over that Sunday slot i was disappointed but i now think he’s brilliant at it. He can be amusing and has various guests on the show,from the serious religious to the atheist. If you heard him this morning i hope you heard his brilliant quotes,one from the bible and one from Whinnie the Pooh..Both brilliant,if you missed it,have a listen online…………….

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