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How do I deal with anonymous online strangers attacking me harshly enough to have an emotional breakdown?

I wrote this on a journal for a blog site:

The pressure I have to go through with new trends is that, I’m so poor that I don’t have the $$ to get all these “special” things. People bash me for listening to old music & watching old movies & TV shows. So when an old song (throwback joint) pops on the radio, I’m supposed to turn it off, right?
Also, something else:

As an adult, it’s a hard choice between being banned from renting from Enterprise Rent-a-Car, & getting wrongfully arrested because someone scammed me.

With the Enterprise situation, I was on my way to school (university), & she (my sister) locked me in the house ON PURPOSE, & thought it was funny. She’s a woman in her 40′s. So, I had to rush, but I wasn’t speeding. I panicked, & the car crashed. Now, they tell me I can’t rent from there for the rest of my life, just because she wanted to act retarded.

With the scam, I was trying to sell my camcorder online to have $$ to pay certain fees out of my tuition. & this guy posed as a female model & sent me $900 & wanted me to Western Union the $600 back, since I was selling it for $300. I didn’t know. & come to find out it was a fake check from a company that never existed. I went to cash the thing, & I got arrested & they were gonna make me serve 10 yrs. in FEDERAL prison for forgery. The cops here are racists. The natives here in Denton, TX are. Some of them, not all. In fact, I had to deal with a ****** bus driver. The cops didn’t have to take me to jail last yr.. They were supposed to take me to my house & let me show them the proof of the documentation.

Also, a guy sold me a broke car for $1,500. & come to find out, the car wasn’t legally in his name. No wonder he jetted off so fast!

OK: As a child, I had NUMEROUS wrongful punishments. OK. The former foster mom punished me from my high school Sr. prom that was the following May. It was the November before, even before Thanksgiving. She punished me for having a Tourette’s outburst. That’s not fair. All in all, I get wrongful punishments & abuse every day of my life, but these were the WORST! I’m 25 now.


This is how someone else responded. Well, a WHOLE bunch of people ganged up on me. They don’t even know the situation. & they didn’t even TRY to read thoroughly, what happened.

She said this:

ok….. you can NOT be serious….. How old were you for the check scam? I simply can not wrap my head around how a person can fall for that BULL****! Seriously! Did it ever occur to you that if YOU could cash her freakin check that SHE could cash it her damn self? It doesn’t even make sense. With all due respect – That doesn’t make the cops racist, it makes you a knucklehead!!! As for the lady locking you in the house…what kind of house only locks from the inside?? And you did NOT have to rush. You could have called the rental car place and told them you were gonna be late AND it’s not a crime to be late for school. Buying a car…. Did it occur to you to ask for ID and a TITLE???? Are you really this dumb? I assure you I’m TRYING not to say this in the meanest way I can think of (because you are leaving yourself WIDE OPEN!!!!!), but seriously… TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND STOP LOOKING FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO BLAME. Everything you griped about was your own fault. Just take a minute to stop before you act…. We have ALL driven a rental car like it was stolen…but don’t blame someone when you wreck it because you were speeding and reckless. Thank your lucky stars you didn’t kill anyone (including yourself) and next time you rent a car PAY THE EXTRA MONEY FOR THE INSURANCE. It’s not because you’re…whatever race you are… it’s because you’re not thinking!!!! It’s one thing to feel bad for the dirty guy outside the store asking for money, but surely you knew the “model” could cash her own freaking check…. How does that even make sense. I feel like someone should save you from yourself.
I’m about to cry right now. My chest is hurting & tightening, I feel nauseated.
& I had FULL coverage insurance on that car, too.
The people took advantage of me having a mental problem, & they were discriminating. That’s why they told me I couldn’t rent anymore. & yes, I did have FULL coverage insurance on that rental car.
Obviously people here aren’t reading the details carefully. Midnight, I said that I panicked. I did NOT speed!

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  1. sybbo says:

    Go get a soda from the fridge and watch tv for five minutes. You should be over it by the time you get to the couch.

  2. No Real Help says:

    Interesting. You allow other people to rent space in your head and allow them to affect you.

    How you react to people is a choice. You obviously believe them on some level, when you could dismiss them and get on with your life.

  3. pattya22 says:

    honey there will always be people who criticize what you think and say no matter whether you’re right or wrong. ESPECIALLY on the internet. Haven’t you noticed on y/a people occasionally say cruel things for the stupidest reasons and questions? We’re talking really cruel. And you’re entry is not by any means stupid so don’t for a second think that it is. Chin up hon and don’t let that idiot get the best of you!.

  4. BecksjR1122 says:

    if u had full coverage insurance it doesnt make sense that u would get banned or anything cause thats what the insurance is for? and that person is just trying to be a jerk dont pay any attention to it. i know its hard not to but u just have to set that aside for now.

  5. midnightmoon62 says:

    You need to grow up. Im sorry you find that so hard to understand and so mean, but its the truth.

    First, your wreck was NOT the fault of the person who locked you inside, it was YOUR fault for speeding. OWN UP TO IT.

    Next, you need to educate yourself on how to spot a scam. Lots of people get taken by those and there is no reason to. Just look at that as lesson learned for the next time.

    As far as the car, why did you hand over the money without seeing the title, and checking the vin? Maybe it was an honest mistake, but you are an adult. Its time to quit blaming other people and take responsibility for your own actions.

    Ok, so you are about to cry. Why dont you go cry, punch a wall, scream at the mirror. Whatever you need to do. Then start tomarrow, fresh, as an ADULT, who takes responsibility for their own actions.

  6. Kelsey says:

    I’m really sorry that that person is putting you through pain. What I do when someone does that to me, is ignore them completely. I know that what they are saying is NOT true. Don’t listen to that person. You might just be really gullible. Oh well. A lot of people are. I’m really sorry. Go watch a funny movie to make you feel better (: Watch one of youre old ones that you like (:

  7. afdgafdjgh says:

    Grow up. You are no longer a child. And in your reply to midnight, even if you werent speeding, it was still YOUR fault. Take responsibility.

  8. President NAN says:

    Look at it this way, people who are online making those kinds of judgements are having a bad day just like you are and are using you to make themself feel better.

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