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Is there a website you can download random noises/sounds from?

In my drama class we’re doing old time radio shows, so the audience won’t be able to see us and we have to incorporate sounds so they kind of know what’s going on.

15 sounds have to made technologically and …

Do you like the holiday story I wrote?

I’m in 9th grade and my English teacher had us write a short holiday story.

What should I title it?
Do you like the story, the writing style?

Cold water soaked her right ankle and oozed quickly down into her …

Why do radio stations play only 1-2 songs off the cd to death?

Even oldies stations will take the same old tired song they played to death when it was new and play it til youre sick of it all over again. Does the answer have anything to do with the same reason …

Which radio station near St. Louis, MO, plays old-time radio programs?

I’ve heard “Lum and Abner” and “Yours truly, Johnny Dollar” around the St Louis area maybe a few years ago. Which station, if any, still airs these old-time radio dramas?

Asked by:Brother Jonathan

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