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What are popular themes for action heroes?

Hi. I want to create action comics. I don’t want to create superheroes, I want to create normal heroes.

Action heroes are associated with genres including action films, adventure films, swashbuckler films, Westerns on television, old-time radio, adventure novels, dime …

What Old Time Radio Episode is this? A correct answer would be greatly appreciated?

I heard this a while ago while on iTunes late at night.

From what I know of the plot, a wife has a husband who is hard of hearing yet is a teacher or professor of music. They also frequently …

did anyone else think that 2008 mtv vmas ****** bad?

Where was Jay-z, lil jon, ying yang???? where was 50 dre, snoop, the game… why was the main stage so small and the audience was so small…. Was it 2000 at radio music hall when slim shady walk in with …

What Radio Drama Programs do you Like (old or new)?

Old-time, are current what Radio Drama’s do (or did) you enjoy.
Abbot and Costello? Dragnet? Twilight Zone? Burns and Allen?
Adventures in Odyssey, Paws and Tales? The Lone Ranger? The Shadow
I am looking for Radio Drama’s Old and New …

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