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What are popular themes for action heroes?

Hi. I want to create action comics. I don’t want to create superheroes, I want to create normal heroes.

Action heroes are associated with genres including action films, adventure films, swashbuckler films, Westerns on television, old-time radio, adventure novels, dime novels, pulp magazines, and folklore.

What genres are the most popular? Where can I go to get ideas for genres?
I have tried looking this up and couldn’t find what I’m looking for. Please help. Thank you.

Asked by:Jason G.


  1. Walküre Aria says:

    I recommend going back to the first concept of “hero” in literature: The Odyssey.
    Odysseus is strong physically, yet also mentally. His cunning and wit always triumphs over his physical circumstances. This is indeed where everyone is influenced when creating a hero; it all goes back to here.

    To create a “normal” hero, that strikes me more as someone that does good deeds (selflessly)…has a bit of self-loathing…maybe not the strongest physically, or even well-liked. A normal hero would be someone that humbly makes a difference.

  2. Holly Golightly says:

    I wish I could answer this question better, but I don’t really know. I do have to say, however, that the TV show “The Tick” has some excellent parodies of super heroes. Maybe that could help—at least to give you a laugh. :)

    Sorry I don’t know more about action heroes.

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