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What Old Time Radio Episode is this? A correct answer would be greatly appreciated?

I heard this a while ago while on iTunes late at night.

From what I know of the plot, a wife has a husband who is hard of hearing yet is a teacher or professor of music. They also frequently drive near a set of train tracks and the wife seems quite frightened that her husband is not responding quickly enough to the warning tolls of the train approaching.

At some point, the husband agrees to take in a student boarder whom the wife later begins to have some sort of affair with and the husband at one point walks in on the wife and student. The show ends with the husband driving with his wife towards the tracks while she screams at him about the bells and approaching train. In the last few moments, the listener finds that the husband survived a collision of some sort with the train, while the wife did not.

Asked by:Harpo


  1. ArnieZiffel says:

    That sounds like Radio mystery theater or Twilight Zone. It could be anything without knowing character names or whatnot.

  2. chorle says:

    Sorry but if you don’t get an answer you like here, you might want to try the audio drama talk website

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