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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Beginning of a story I just started to write. I would love peoples honest oppinions so I can fix it?

Tell me anything that is wrong and tell me how to fix it. Please and Thank You.

I walked down the narrow hall of my old house looking for something to do. The windows are clean, I just vacuumed, and …

Comedy skit?

In the 90s a AM radio station out of Salt Lake [1160] had trucker time on at around 3 in the morning. one of the comedy skits it played was about two old guys in the desert. they had a …

Want to try some Trivia Questions from the 1950′s to 1970′s?

Who was the actor that played Moondoggie in all the Gidget films?

Who made famous the song Venus in the 1960′s?

Who was married to Nancy Sinatra in the 1960′s who was a singer like her Dad?

What singing duo …

Tell me what you think of Illegal immigration?

Hispanophobia, Xenophobia, The Black Legend, and Racism have all contributed to the many reasons Hispanics (Either legal or illegal) have been portray negatively in this society. Many American Citizens have not done research on the way Immigration affects our society, …

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