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I need help with my book, opinions, please read?

Hey again. Sorry for posting another about this but the last summary I gave of my story wasn’t worded that great and didn’t explain the story that well, I’m very bad at summarizing anything.

So, here’s a better summary.

The …

What do you think of my essay?

A typical late afternoon at my house with my family is very ordinary and family oriented. My two brothers, Max and Derek, come home from school, and then my Dad arrives home mysteriously half an hour after my brothers. Finally, …

there is a song that i am looking for it didnt have a video but they used to play it on the radio all the time?

this song is a hip hop song and i used to jam to this all the time, now it is not that old maybe 2 or 3 years old i think it came out in the summer time it was …

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