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I’m looking for a song that I don’t have much information about but i can describe it?

Ok so I’ve been looking for this song for years now. It was hot about 5 years ago, I think, or at least that was when I last heard it on the radio. It’s sung by a male artist, it’s …

ok this is my idea for a movie script and was wondering what celebrities you would use for the cast and help?

OK so i am bored and i was thinking of movie ideas for the hell of it. And i was thinking why doesn’t anyone make war drama movies were they have a squad and they all become really good friends. …

what was that one Japanese translated show on cartoon network with fighter jets that transformed into robots?

I don’t remember much from the plot but the main human character was training on a fighter jet when the base was under attack by enemies. He was unaware that the jet turned into a fighting robot until the main …

english can someone help me 10 points?

1)The climax of “The Lottery” is:

-the Hutchinson children as potential lottery “winners”

-Tessie Hutchinson being stoned to death

-Old Man Warner arguing with the Adams family for the tradition of the lottery

-Tessie Hutchinson being identified as the villager …

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