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Do You Think If Anyone Said Anything About IMUS’s Obese 11 Year Old Potty Mouthed Son, IMUS Would Care?

The big deal is that Imus degrades minorities and women all the time.

The women on the basket ball team were Valedictorian’s in their class, musical prodigies, and a future Doctor, one was even a Girl Scout! Let alone all …

im looking for an internet radio station that plays old time radio dramas and or audio book recordings?

also, is there a website like netflix where i could rent them at a reasonable cost? also interested in the same for poetry and contemporary radio dramas….

Asked by:darrylfogle

Any value to old ham radio QSL cards?

These are Ham Radio “QSL cards”. The cards are all to Charles Waff Jr., Amateur Radio W3UVA, University, VA. From the very limited info I’ve found on him, he was a fairly prolific “DX’er” in his time (he’s mentioned as …

Isn’t this a sad but very touching article from one of the LEO journals I subscribe to?

Philadelphia Inquirer

May 06, 2008

PHILADELPHIA – Nancy Braun was sitting on a couch watching one of her favorite TV shows, Trading Spaces, when gunfire erupted down the street yesterday morning.

“I heard three shots – real loud,” Braun said …

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