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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

Old radio show with Max the Meerkat?

Some time ago there was an episodic (weekly?) radio comedy show with talking animals, of which the only one whose name I recall was Max the Meerkat. What was the name of the show and whatever happened to it, or …

I’m trying to find an old video skit I saw somewhere a long time ago?

It was some type of comedy skit where a guy goes in looking to buy a computer, and the salesperson convinces him to buy the top of the line PC. Then, as the guy is driving home with it, he …

how to find some old radio programs such as 1940′s etc radio dramas?

Hi people? i was just wandering if there is anyway we can listen to those old radio drama’s just to see how they sounded like back in the time of golden age of radio, i heard of those detective drama’s …

Nothing to talk about – how can I get out of this?

-I have no life experience
-I’m still a student, no job experience
-I have no hobbies, deveoloped interests
-I don’t have a lot of music (less than 10 cd’s) and don’t know where to find more good stuff (I …

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