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how to find some old radio programs such as 1940′s etc radio dramas?

Hi people? i was just wandering if there is anyway we can listen to those old radio drama’s just to see how they sounded like back in the time of golden age of radio, i heard of those detective drama’s such as sherlock holmes etc, if someone knows how or where to download just let me know, There should be a place online where we can listen to such things right? thanks in advance,

Asked by:serenadeofdivinity


  1. Duh says:

    One of the best resources we have at YA are the answers of others in the past (including this one). If I were you, I’d go to that box near the top of the page (Search for questions) and plug in either “radio dramas,” “old radio shows” or the like (without the quotes). You will get questions, answers and opinions from a whole bunch of folks like me. This question has been asked and answered many times. Try it. ;

  2. DonnaBee says:

    Or, you can go to iTunes and download some of them there. The podcasts are free on most of these.

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