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Nothing to talk about – how can I get out of this?

-I have no life experience
-I’m still a student, no job experience
-I have no hobbies, deveoloped interests
-I don’t have a lot of music (less than 10 cd’s) and don’t know where to find more good stuff (I can enjoy most mainstream genres with the exception of techno and wanksta rap).
-I have no money
-I have nothing to talk about (duh)
-I’m slightly autistic (discovered when I went to search for help 2 months ago)

Being worried about this drains my focus while talking to someone, making the conversation even more awkward.

Where would you start if you were in this situation?

Additional info:
I’m 28 live in Western Europe and have spent the last couple of years being addicted to online video games. I managed to get away from that, but I have lost contact with nearly everybody around me. I’m not capable of having a decent conversation with study mates OR the few friends that I still have left OR my girlfriend.

Whenever I do something new (e.g. listen to music on the radio, seeing an interesting movie/book, go paintball with old friends) I get frustrated because I’m too focussed on how I can talk about that with people later on, resulting in a bad time AND still nothing to talk about.

Getting into contact with ANYONE that’s still close to me only seems to make that relationship worse.

Help would be greatly appreciated, I often consider to jump off the 11th floor balcony and I’d **** to leave my neighbours with the mess that I’d make with that.

Asked by:Menno

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  1. beanimai@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Hey chicken lips! it sounds to me you need to relax a bit more! why cant you just be you, so what if you have no life experiance, im sure you do, you just think you dont, and most people have no money, especially students! see what interests you hobby wise, not everyone has a hobby!, and to be fair I have around 20 cds that are mostly crap, and being a little autistic shouldnt worry you, seeing as most of society today are nuts and violent stalkers and bunny boilers I would say you have nothing to worry about!, you are putting yourself down and seem a bit out of sorts possibly a little depressed, see your doctor, they are there to help, but I bet you that if you are this down its you thats causing it by thinking you are some kind of loser when in fact you are perfectly fine, stop worrying about how others see you, you sound a tad paranoid, and dont jump of the 11th floor … you will scare the **** out of the neighbours cat! have faith in yourself and just be you, you have nothing to prove to anyone, so stop giving yourself a hard time ok! else I will come over and open a can of Whoopass on ya! x

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