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Question about a radio station i listen to? (Arizona KSLX 100.7)?

Even if you don’t live here maybe you can answer this…
How come this station is allowed to cuss on the radio? The station is all classic rock, and the first time i heard it it was 2 am so that made sense, kinda like comedy centrals thing, but now here I am listening to pink floyd and they say **** right in the middle of the day. I’m not complaining, I just know that most stations aren’t allowed to do that? Could it possibly be that the station is geared towards an older crowd because its classic rock? idk.
Oh and it’s not the radio hosts, it;s just the songs. it;s rare though.

Asked by:Kitteh

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  1. Roy says:

    The communications commission has loosened laws regarding inappropriate content on terrestrial radio. This could be the reason.

    Although most radio stations keep a more family friendly format (or at-least suitable)… Some will be changing a little.

    Best to keep the kids off this station until we can coordinate why EXACTLY this happened.

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