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do i have what it takes for this play?

I have always been told that i have a good singing voice but i have not really sang properly in so long it just been the old few words from a song playing on the radio u know! and ive done drama GCSE and was very highly commended for my performance of Twelth Night and i think that if im given the right amount of time to work on dancing i think i would be able to get buy.the thing is that ive never really went into a school production(as in open to the whole school,any one who wants to be in it can go 2 auditions) the auditions are in 3 days and i dont know if i should go for it.i do however find it quite hard to learn lines . what should i do ?

Asked by:ustar_mac


  1. Tiffany B says:

    Go for it! If you really like it and want to explore what you can do in musical theater, then I would audition. Even if you are turned down, dont give up unless you decide it isnt for you! Break a Leg!!

  2. Awesome Girl says:

    You should try out! If you enjoy acting and singing, then go ahead. School plays are really fun, even if you get a part with only 1 line. What’s the worst that can happen? Just go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

  3. mike1942f says:

    I have performed in half a dozen plays, written a couple that got performed and published, directed a couple and tech directed more as well as being a newspaper critic for a while. Learning lines was always a great torture for me because I wanted to be perfect and I am not very flexible (rotten at improv). On the standard of getting into the role and giving the impression I was someone I was not, I was told repeatedly I was successful. But on the whole, the rewards of applause and success were not enough to overcome the strain of preparation, so I stopped doing it. When I tried out, I found I was successful when I liked the whole play and did not target a particular role and unsuccessful when I distrusted the play or thought I might remotely fit one role.
    Go and find out the process and see whether you can take it.

  4. Chris says:

    only you can believe in yourself and only you knows your true potential. If you think you can do it, do it. As humans and thespians the greatest risks in life are the ones that we never take. Good Luck/Break a Leg!!

  5. know everything except some stuf says:

    I’ma successful 12 year old actress, and i have been in doubt before. usually when that happens i go for small parts and big ones. if you try for a small part that would only be some lines. But try out anyway. See what the director says

    Break a leg

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