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Do you understand more about the medium of advertising than they did 40 years ago?

This is a 1970′s ad with Farah Fawcet a *** symbol pin up girl of her time

The associations of product to *** are pretty blatant and purposely conveyed in a way to escape the censors on a technicality

Here is an old Certs commercial — Innocently associating product to *** youth and intimacy


Now here is the authoritarian voice from the 50′s —– simple 2 dimensional trusted loved and lying through his teeth The poor victim owner of a theater and the hard nosed decent cops — telling you an utter untruth in drama due to the influence of the textile industry in entertainment and its need to vilify hemp producing nations by attacking via the beliefs of the North American continent


The generations before us did not understand the mediums power —- the medium of TV is about 60 years old Maybe 70 for the wealthier who could be first Before that theater movie houses and before that silent films in theaters and before that radio alone

The power of drama was well known to citizens of ancient Greek societies — in some Empires attendance at state approved drama plays was mandatory — as was church sermons

Do you understand the medium any better than the people who came just before you did ?

This man was deported from the US for being a communist They did not want him making films in the US anymore His message was a threat to the American public and subject to censorship or at least getting rid of him back to England

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  1. The Mad Baron says:

    The documentary “Century of the Self” will pretty much explain to the consumer how they are manipulated from the time they open their eyes until they go to sleep.

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