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old time radio episode?

about 20 years ago i heard a otr episode of what i think was the clock it was about a married woman who had a lover on the side she wanted to get rid of her husband and the lover wanted to help so the husband and wife went on a little trip that she told her lover about and while driving the lover would be acting as a hitchhiker and when they pick him up he tells the husband he thinks a tire is flat when the husband gets out to check they run him over with his own car sometime after the funeral the lover keeps seeing some man who looks like the husband he ran over everywhere he goes he sees this man finally he tells vera and she tells him he’s seeing things they both are in a hotel lobby and the look-a-like starts coming down the stair before she can see him the lover pulls her out and runs to the car then speeds off he sees a car following and driving very fast crashes the car and they both are killed the man tells police at the scene he came to town to visit his twin brother.

Asked by:zanknar2000

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  1. tigerbaby76 says:

    wow, sounds like a cool show. LOL

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