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question for Drake/ Deggrassi fans?

ok so do y’all ever thinks its weird to be like watching like an older episode of degrassi and then later that day turn on the radio and its a song by “drake” on but all you can think about is like jimmy in a wheel chair rapping… do you? maybe? no? okay well i do… does anyone else?? and does anybody else think its like hazel he singing about in the song “best i ever had” ahahhaha i know its not and all but still that’s how i think about it!! =) or does anyone else like have that state of mind about it??? and does anyone know why he wasn’t in degrassi goes hollywood??? ok sorry but i haven’t seen all the episodes… and does anyone else miss JT like alot…like degrassi isn’t degrease with out him… cause i do and i also wanna see liberties baby like now days since she was pregnant and all along time ago…

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  1. justhuman says:

    Haha yeah I imagine that sometimes. And then I start to wonder why he changed his name from Aubrey Graham to Drake. lol

  2. amazing nothingness says:

    Degrassi is one of my favorite shows and I miss JT a lotl. He was so funny, cute, and dorky. And yeah, I get what you mean about “Drake!” You gotta give him credit though, because his rap in degrassi was awesome! I don’t know about on the radio nowadays though. Even though Degrassi characters have changed, I’ve seen the recent episodes and they are good. I’m not too fond of the one where Emma smokes pot though.

  3. salvsnena says:

    It’s not that weird

    Justhuman: Drake is Aubrey’s middle name. He probably uses Drake bc he thinks it’s more “manly” or that’s something Lil Wayne wanted him to use

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